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Beechwood is a small community in the heart of Haverford Township, bordered to the South by beautiful Karakung Drive and Haverford Rd to the North. It is home to the Haverford Township Historical Society's annual Heritage Festival in June, supernatural author Elizabeth P. Hoffman and home of Chestnutwold Elementary School. You'll love the easy commute into the city or the Delaware Valley suburbs with the convenient Beechwood Brookline Station on the Rt 100 line.

Karakung Drive Haverford Township Historical Society Heritage Festival

Chestnutwold Elementary School
Karakung Drive Haverford Township Historical Society  Annual Heritage Festival Chestnutwold Elementary School
"During Sunday road closings, this quiet Powder Mill Valley area of Cobbs Creek (sometimes called by its older Native American name, Karakung Creek) becomes even quieter and more attractive than usual. The road joins its bucolic surroundings and becomes part of the park. People walk, stroll and bike along this historic corridor, the scene of water-driven mills from Colonial through Civil War times. It's a laid-back way to enjoy one of Haverford's quieter corners, and to see the historic 1810 Nitre Hall and relocated 1710 Lawrence Cabin. You can walk or bike to get there or, if you really must drive, some parking is available at either end of the closure." (From "The mission of the Haverford Township Historical Society is to protect, preserve and promote the history of our community and to sustain its cultural heritage for future generations through educational programs, accessible archives and site preservation." (From "Because we love Haverford Township and the super cool, often unknown by most, history of the township and the surrounding area. We also are in desperate need of funds to help maintain the buildings and our collection. Any proceeds raised from the Heritage Festival go back into the Historical Society! Also, the Festival is super fun!"(from website) "We welcome you to Chestnutwold School! We are pleased that you have chosen us in the most important decision you will make: the education of your child. You will find us to be a very diligent, dedicated, and caring group of professionals who take the greatest pleasure in watching and nurturing growth in children."(from website)

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